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Binary search tree print level order data

Suppose Binary tree contain following nodes. Our goal is to print BST data in level order.


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Example in Level Order Data of this BST.

Time complexity of this program O(n)

Accepted Output

Given BST tree node is:

140, 90, 220, 30, 104, 240, 40, 115, 104

Result :

Level order data is:- 140 90 220 30 104 240 40 115 104

C program to print data in level order. Iterative approach.

  BST Data is :  30  40  90  104  104  115  140  220  240
 Level order data is:-  140  90  220  30  104  240  40  115  104
 Free Memory of Queue

 Free BST node

Stack Areamainqueue (pointer) ? root(pointer)inorder_showtemp(pointer)inorder_showtemp(pointer)inorder_showtemp (pointer) ? Heap Areastruct Treedata (int)= 140left_child (pointer) right_child (pointer) struct Treedata (int)= 90left_child (pointer) right_child (pointer) struct Treedata (int)= 30left_child (pointer)= NULLright_child (pointer) struct Treedata (int)= 220left_child (pointer)= NULLright_child (pointer) struct Treedata (int)= 40left_child (pointer)= NULLright_child (pointer)= NULLstruct Treedata (int)= 104left_child (pointer)= NULLright_child (pointer) struct Treedata (int)= 115left_child (pointer) right_child (pointer)= NULLstruct Treedata (int)= 104left_child (pointer)= NULLright_child (pointer)= NULLstruct Treedata (int)= 240left_child (pointer)= NULLright_child (pointer)= NULL

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