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Program to convert capital letters to lowercase

Write an efficient algorithm to convert capital letters to lower-case. Consider following test case.
1) Given string can contain lowercase and uppercase letters.

For example.

2) Given string can contain only uppercase. Result of this case will be same as given input.

3) Given string can contain only lowercase.

4) Given string can contain lowercase,uppercase and operators.

Suppose Given straing : (Best Coder). View Accepted Result.

Stack Areamaindata [0] B [1] e [2] s [3] t [4] [5] C [6] o [7] d [8] e [9] r [10] \0size (int) =11 Stack Areamaindata [0] B [1] E [2] S [3] T [4] [5] C [6] O [7] D [8] E [9] R [10] \0size (int) =11

program to convert lowercase character to uppercase character. Time complexity O(n).


View process.

View steps of execution

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