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C program to delete an element in an array

In this post we are learning how to delete an element in an array. There are two possibility to delete array element.

1) Delete by array index

2) Delete by array value

If delete array element modified all element on right side. Modified all right side array value by index-1. index are represented the position of array element.

That means delete array element time complexity is O(n). Modification of array content.

Note that after delete array element there are no effect in size of array.

View example.

Stack AreamainarrayNote [0] 1 1] Size are not change 2] Time complexity O(n). [1] 2 [2] 3 [3] 4 [4] 5 [5] 6 [6] 7 [7] 8 [8] 9 [9] 10size (int) =10

Accepted result

Given two function.

C program to remove array element.


View execution process.

Try it Yourself

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