BST Visualization

Binary Search Tree

Binary search tree is type of binary tree. binary search tree are follow following properties.

1) root are the starting point of tree. inserted value is less then root node value then it will put on left side of root node. that is called left subtree.

2) If inserted value is greater than or equal to root node then it will put on right side of root node. That is called right subtree.

Root Node

Root is starting point of bst. Help of root node is visited or access all other bst node..

90 90 is root node root Node1005070

Example of Root node

50 is root node 50 root Node708060302040

Example of Root node

Leaf Node

leaf node are no left and right child. blue circle indicate leaf node of tree.


Leaf Node Try it yourself


Leaf Node Try it yourself

Internal Node

Internal node or parent node are contains at least one child node


Leaf Node Try it yourself


Leaf Node Try it yourself

Edge Presentation

Edge are represented as connectivity of bst node. one top node is is called parent node and another bottom node are called child node.


Edge : Try it yourself


Edge : Try it yourself

Parent Node & Child node

presentation of given below BST parent node and child node.


View Tree Try it yourself

        Parent Node [48] =  child Node[40 ,73]
        Parent Node [40] =  child Node[27 ,45]
    Parent Node [73] =  child Node[82]
        Parent Node [82] =  child Node[78 ,94]
    Parent Node [78] =  child Node[75]
    Parent Node [75] =  child Node[76]

View Tree Try it yourself

        Parent Node [68] <=>  child Node[8 ,86]
      Parent Node [8] <=> child Node[7 ,60]
    Parent Node [86] <=>  child Node[89]
    Parent Node [60] <=>  child Node[45]
    Parent Node [89] <=>  child Node[93]
    Parent Node [45] <=>  child Node[40]
    Parent Node [40] <=>  child Node[24]