AVL Tree Visualization

AVL Tree

AVL tree is enhancement version of binary search tree. we know that avl tree is height balance tree. more information about avl tree .


Example Of AVL Tree


Example of AVL Tree

Balance Factor

Balance factor of avl tree node is depends upon height of right subtree and height of left sub tree.

Balance Factor of Node :(height of right subtree)-(height of left subtree).

30 1 = [ 2-1 ]210370310370 Height of Right Subtree is [2] Height of Leftsubtree is [1]

Height Representation

Height of node [30] is : 1

Height of node [21] is : 0

Height of node [37] is : 0

Height of node [31] is : 0

Height of node [37] is : 0

C program to find Height of tree

Valid balance Factor

Valid balance factor of AVl tree are [ 0 , 1, -1] . If get other balance factor that means to need rotate avl tree node.


Show balance factor

Rotation Of AVL Tree

4 Rotation of AVL tree

LL Rotation

LR Rotation

RL Rotation

RL Rotation

LL Rotation

90 L L-280-1700 Problem blance factor -2 [ L L ] Rotation

This is basic example to LL rotation. Now actual visualization on this given avl tree with NULL representation on Left and Right child.

root 90-2NULL80-1NULL700NULLNULL

After LL Rotation [view rotation]


Step 1: In this example root are involved to LL rotation. that means modifying root of tree. use one hold pointer variable that is pointed to left child of root.

hold root 90-2NULL80-1NULL700NULLNULL

Step 2: Modifying the change of root node left child.

hold root 90-2NULL80-1NULL700NULLNULL

Step 3: Change the link of hold pointer right_child to this root node.

hold root 90-2NULL80-1NULL700NULLNULL

Step 3: Change root node.

hold root, 90-2NULL80-1NULL700NULLNULL

Step 4: Final change blance Factor.


RR Rotation

30 2 Problem This Balance Factor [2] [ R R ]40 150 0

After RR Rotation [view rotation]


RL Rotation

50 270 -160 0 Problem This Balance Factor [2] [ R L ]

After RL Rotation [view rotation]


LR Rotation

80 -260 170 0 Problem This Balance Factor [-2] [ L R ]

After LR Rotation [view rotation]


Above perform AVL Tree all Operation.

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